What Causes Silverfish

Posted by on Dec 29, 2011 in Articles

Silverfish CausesWhile silverfish are not generally a cause for health concern because they do not carry disease, bite or sting, they can be a serious problem around the home. The worst case scenario is that a silverfish infestation migrates to the kitchen and lays eggs in cereal boxes and sugar bags. This can be an obvious health concern.

If you are wondering what causes silverfish in the home, there could be a few different reasons. If you live in an older home, silverfish bugs may be more common in basements and other cold, dark areas. Other causes of silverfish include:

  • Clutter such as newspapers, piles of clothes, etc.
  • Dusty books and bookshelves
  • Wallpaper, as silverfish like to eat wallpaper glue
  • Sinks and bathtubs or showers with leaks. Silverfish are often caught in bathtubs because they cannot get out.
  • Mildew caused by excess moisture in certain areas of the home
  • Any unoccupied, dark rooms

If you have cracks in the foundation of your home, silverfish infestations are a lot harder to control. Silverfish like to nest and lay eggs in all sorts of dark crevices of homes. Sometimes silverfish bugs will create nests outside, but will come inside through small openings to feed on all sorts of things in your home. A well-lit, warm area is not the ideal breeding and feeding ground for a silverfish, so keeping your home clean and dry will be the best way to prevent any silverfish from entering your home.

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