Silverfish in the Kitchen

Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 in Articles

Silverfish in the Kitchen

You may step into the kitchen in the night for a midnight snack or glass of water, and when you turn on the lights, surprise, there are small bugs crawling on the floor and in the cupboards. What are these odd creatures? Why haven’t I seen them before? Why are they in my kitchen?

These little bugs are known as silverfish. They are small, scaly and silver colored nocturnal insects that like to feed on pretty much anything they can find. Some of their favorite snacks include wallpaper, flour, cereal, fabrics and mildew. Because of this, there may be silverfish in your kitchen.

Silverfish may be attracted to kitchen areas if there is excess cooking grease, open food or mold under the sink. You may also find silverfish hanging around in the sink because they are attracted to the moisture and likely fell in looking for food.

There are a number of ways you can eliminate silverfish in the kitchen:

  • Seal any leaks or cracks in and around the sink.
  • Clean any mold or mildew with appropriate chemicals and bleach.
  • Keep any open food in airtight containers. This may include cereal, flour and sugar
  • Be sure to clean any excess grease around the stove and oven
  • Keep the kitchen crumb free by vacuuming and sweeping
  • Keep upper shelves and counter tops free of dust
  • Empty your kitchen garbage regularly
  • Keep under the sink clutter-free and clean
  • Keep dishwashers clean and mildew-free

If you notice a few silverfish, it is highly likely that your home may have an infestation. Silverfish bugs hide out anywhere they can. Consider hiring a professional exterminator to rid silverfish from your home, as they are considered to be household pests because they damage the home.

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