Silverfish Home Remedies

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in Articles

There are many ways to get rid of silverfish with chemical treatments. Some treatments may only cost you $10, but professional treatments can cost thousands of dollars.
These treatments for silverfish are probably the fastest and most effective way to get rid of silverfish. However, sometimes these chemical treatments are not a permanent solution, and they can affect your health and the health of your children and pets.

There are some pros and cons of each type of treatment for silverfish.

Silverfish home remedies

  • Cheaper
  • Items can usually be found around the home
  • Some treatments may take longer than chemical ones.
  • No side effects for you or your family or pets.

Silverfish pest control

  • Quick treatment
  • Chemical and poison use could be dangerous in the household
  • Helps to control large infestations in one treatment
  • May be more expensive

Silverfish home remedies may be the best solution for your home if you suspect there may not be a large infestation. Silverfish home remedies will likely work more effectively if your house is as clean as possible. This means no clutter, mold or mildew, or damp areas in the home.

The type of silverfish elimination depend on how much you are prepared to spend on treatment and your type of silverfish infestation. Larger scale silverfish problems should always be treated by a professional of silverfish pest control. However, some people prefer to keep their households free of chemicals and opt out for natural silverfish home remedies.

For more information about silverfish home remedies, visit How To Get Rid of Silverfish Naturally.

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